Have Enjoy in TheUnderground with Fugal and Alala.One

This event kicked off the 2019 event for SixHourDeath.

There is no doubt that Alala.One has been an instrumental influence on my work during 2018. The first time I even knew about her was at Eko House at the beginning of 2018. I showed up to to this all lady DJ event and she opened for two or three other DJs.

I don’t remember if she was doing all vinyls that night but back to back¬†Kris Wadsworth¬†NUMINOUS & Kebechet set the tone for that mix she did.

This event, coming back from a 20 day vacation out of state, was one that I knew I couldn’t miss. I brought my camera for it as well. Check out her mixes on Soundcloud below.

Alala.One – https://soundcloud.com/alalaone


@ MilkBar

Alala.One – https://soundcloud.com/alalaoneFugal@ MilkBar

Posted by Six Hour Death on Friday, February 22, 2019

Resonate x Priroslin Presents: Chad Andrew (Vatos Locos)

My friend Prince had his birthday at Milk Bar, and invited me out to get photos for it. Made new friends, and got lots of photos. I still need to update the album, the vacation break has set me back on getting it done.

Happy Birthday Prince!

Posted by Six Hour Death on Friday, January 11, 2019

Up Close w/ Made in Paris, Prince.L & RC3

Made in Paris*** DENVER DEBUT ***
(Of Leisure / Sydney)

– Prince.L [ Denver ]
– RC3 [ Denver ]

Made in Paris *** DENVER DEBUT ***(Of Leisure / Sydney)- Prince.L [ Denver ]- RC3 [ Denver ]

Posted by Six Hour Death on Tuesday, November 13, 2018