“I have always been fascinated with music at a very young age, especially that with no singers or lyrics.

Electronic music has been a big part of my life ever since the death of Kurt Cobain. After the decline of MTV, and the rise of affordable dial-up connections in the mid-90’s, I explored the internet for new and similar songs that I was interested in.

Now here in Denver, CO the house and techno community is solid and built from the ground up. Although I had no part of it’s growth, I will work to sustain this community with my passion through Six Hour Death.

I hope to continue to grow this page to add great content as I work to dedicate this page to my friends who work to grow the community and provide great events.”


(updated Nov. 19th 2018)

Fiat Luxx


I hope to be able to host some of the Denver local talent music as an option off of Soundcloud and Mixcloud, here is one of my favorite sets from Pan-Pot in the meantime.


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