“Before Six Hour Death”

My earliest hands on experience was through Llano Grande Center that was led by a teacher at my high school. During one summer, a group of students and I were offered to do a internship program. I worked on radio, video editing, photography, and much more. The very first project I wanted to do was a music video. The song I used was The New Flesh (Instrumental) by Nine Inch Nails. The video footage was captured from one of the digital cameras I checked out for the weekend. It took me two weeks to compile it and I recorded the final version of that video to a VHS tape. It is lost. I never wanted to lose any work that I ever did from that point on.

“What is Six Hour Death?”

Before I created Six Hour Death, I had an ongoing project that started in in the early 2000’s. It continued until Spring 2017 after many recommendations from close friends to expand my portfolio. Six Hour Death is the culmination of that project, and the name is to be a means of being above and outside of a person or a place. Six Hour Death is to represent the lifelong passion, creating media that would create an emotional reaction.

Photography has been my passion since 2004. Whether it is taking nature shots or photos of friends at events, I’m always ready to capture that moment that could just be lost in an instant.

I created Six Hour Death to further that passion and showcase some of my favorite shots. I will occasionally compile a video or two, but my focus is primarily digital photography.

“Is Six Hour Death photos for me?”

If you enjoy my photo style and would want me to take photos of you or at an event, please feel free to get in touch with me. My base price is $60 USD per half hour / $120 an hour.

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(Updated January 22nd 2019)