Pan-Pot ft. Thomas w/ Smyle

About five years ago I had a friend invite me to a warehouse party. I missed the Pan-Pot show at NORAD (Dance Bar) because I ended up doing something else.

This place is now a proper artist and office studio so I won’t mention the name of it, but before it was built it was just a bare warehouse with no walls. A large open cement floor, standard warehouse roofing, a DJ booth and some lights. One of the DJs was from Pan-Pot, playing an afterhours set just for this party.

I was hooked. Easily one of my best memories here in Denver. Also one of my favorite mixes was upload by AfterHours Anonymous and its been one of my personal top played set on my playlists.

My work continues with Mahesh Presents and others here in Denver to try to get some of my best work from these places.

Thank you for your work, and here is to many more great events!

It all started with Pan-Pot five years ago. Many thanks to Mahesh as always!

Posted by Six Hour Death on Wednesday, November 21, 2018

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