The New City


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Glimpse 👽

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“I’ve watched this scene a thousand times
And in my head
This is how it all begins
Yes, I am becoming
And this is how it all begins
What did you expect?
This is not an exit
This has begun

I can almost see
The blackest eyes
The new flesh
A new disguise
– Reznor
The New Flesh
Nine Inch Nails

Exactly one month ago I was living in a different state. It is easy now.
Home is not a definition I recognize personally.
I can literally be everywhere…

I guess the question would be, where do I see myself dying at? (Retire for the monetary incentive individuals)

I’ve been asked “Why am I moving to Pittsburgh?”

It is a very long answer but to say anything other than a road being laid before you, without hesitation or any sense of questioning it, any logical person would do what I would do. Walk it and see where it leads you.

I already know what is behind me, hundreds of hands pushing me telling me to walk.